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Finally, a way to save all your marketing inspiration in one place.

There’s a reason why generic tools fail as a swipe file.


  • Scattered files all over the place
  • No way to search or filter
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for


  • Everything in one place
  • Quickly organize on the fly
  • Always find what you’re looking for

One-click screenshots from the Chrome extension

Swipe the full page, what’s visible on your screen, or select a specific element on the page. The choice is yours! It’s never been easier to swipe an ad, headline, or landing page you love.

SwipeWell extension with buttons to swipe full page, visible screen, or section

Forward swipe-worthy emails to your unique SwipeWell email address

Let’s be real: That Gmail label is impossible to to sort through. With your unique forwardable address, you can even use your email client’s native rules and filters to automatically swipe emails from your favorite senders.

Email swiped into SwipeWell

Migrate everything over using bulk imports

Are you really in marketing if you don’t have a desktop folder overflowing with screenshots? Or an old Google Drive folder you haven’t touched in years? Bring it all into SwipeWell with some much-needed TLC by bulk applying tags and collections.

Bulk import of 50 images into SwipeWell

Swipe from your phone on both iOS & Android

Tap the share icon on any website, social media post, or screenshot and then quickly tag to organize. Two taps from your phone is all it takes to build your swipe file.

iOS share menu sharing a website to the SwipeWell app with a red arrow pointing to a saved image of the website on the SwipeWell web app.

Share and embed collections to collaborate

Invite freelancers or clients to view curated examples. Drop one small snippet of code on your site and now you can beef up content or use it as a lead generation tool.

SwipeWell collection sharing menu with options to share publicly or by email.

Teams that swipe together, stay together

Swipe marketing examples under a team account where everyone can curate together. Work on new landing pages, ad campaigns, and email sequences for yourself or clients.

SwipeWell teams dashboard with all swipes in a masonry grid layout.

Start building your swipe file in under 5 minutes

Even if you’ve never kept a swipe file before, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

  1. 1Install the Chrome Extension
  2. 2Save remarkable marketing examples
  3. 3Organize in flow with tags and collections

Join hundreds of marketers using SwipeWell today

You’ll wonder how you ever worked without a swipe file.

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“Keeping a swipe file has been a game-changer for me. If you don’t have a swipe file already, start keeping one.”
Dave Gerhardt
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We want you to unlock your full creativity in marketing

Hey 👋 Corey and Connor here, co-founders of SwipeWell.

We believe building a swipe file is one of the best investments you can ever make in yourself.

The greatest advertisers of all time, names like David Ogilvy and Eugene Schwartz, would keep a drawer full of files with ideas and great copy practices.

Heck, we took inspiration from startup landing pages in our own swipe files when creating this very page!

But you shouldn’t have to wrestle with general tools to be able to organize and find inspiration for your next project.

So let’s finally build that swipe file you’ve always dreamed of with SwipeWell.

Mobile apps, team collaboration, sharing collections with your audience, user generated content from other users… we’ve got a lot coming up.

We’re just getting started.

— Corey & Connor

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Head shot of Connor

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