February 08, 2023

How to swipe an email

You can automatically swipe your favorite emails by forwarding them to SwipeWell.


1. Navigate to your account settings and click “Email Swipes”

Settings page

2. Click to copy your unique forwardable email address

Click to copy

3. Find an email you want to swipe in your inbox

Example email in gmail

4. Click “Forward”

Example email in gmail

5. Paste your unique forwardable address

Example email in gmail

6. Adds tags and collections to the subject line

Optionally, add tags and collections to your email swipe by including them in the subject line using the following format:

  • Add # to the tag name e.g. #Product #Email Updates would add the tags Product and Email Updates
  • Add @ to the collection name e.g. @Changelogs would add the swipe to the Changelogs collection.

Note: Added Tags and collections must already exist for it to be applied to the swipe correctly.

Example email in gmail

7. Click “Send”

Example email in gmail

8. Navigate to your dashboard to verify the email came through in your account

Email swipe in swipewell