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Frequently asked questions

What makes a good marketing example?
Exceptional examples have:
  1. A combination of exceptional factors working together
  2. An obvious factor of novelty or superiority
  3. Unusual attention to detail
  4. Top of the line branding and design
  5. Clear and clever copywriting

There’s a delicate balance between being data-driven in what works versus being subjective in what works. You should be as data-driven as possible about what is “best,” but it’s also our belief that paying attention to what personally strikes you emotionally is a good indicator, too.

How is this collection curated?

The entire library was personally curated by Corey Haines and Connor Lindsey, the founders of SwipeWell. They used their best judgment to pick out exceptional examples from all around the web, scouring even the most remote corners of the internet.

How can I submit an example to be considered?

You are more than welcome to follow the link provided here: Submit an example. We cannot guarantee it will make it to a collection but if it does, it will be properly attributed and credited. Feel free to submit something from your own brand or portfolio and don’t worry about making multiple submissions either.

How can I add these to my swipe file?
SwipeWell makes it a breeze to build a swipe file that you’ll actually use. Sign up for an account, save the images of the examples you like, and upload to your SwipeWell account where you can title and tag each one.

You *could* use generic tools to add these examples to your swipe file or even keep them in your desktop folder, but good luck being able to make use of your swipe file later.